Our Campaigns

We are crazy about life! Everyday we draw breath is another day to get it right. Another day to love, hug, forgive and be forgiven. We believe that no matter what you have struggled with, we all have the ability to overcome. No matter what cultural or ethnic background you come from or what side of the streets you grew up on, you are valuable.

But we also recognize that not everybody feels this way. Fathers and mothers are disregarded and their significant impact in the lives of their children has diminished. But we need moms and dads of traditional homes to take a stand for their families. We are their first line of defense.

Moms and dads, your contribution to your home literally changes the shape of society. It can change for the better or it can change for the worse. The choice is ours. Our goal is to stand alongside you as you fight the good fight of faith for your heritage. Your tribe is our tribe that is why our signature tees make it clear that we believe that a real D.A.D. is Dedicated All Day, and us M.O.M's are made only by design.

Support our #dedicatedallday and #myovariesmatter campaigns by purchasing your AM PERS8NIFY tees today. See what difference your life can make!