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Welcome! AM PERS8NIFY got started as a way to communicate a message of life and hope to families. Our #MyOvariesMatter or M.O.M Campaign is the heartbeat of why we exist. M.O.M because far too many of us don't know just how valuable we are by design. We celebrate M.O.Ms because God created us to be unique in our roles as mothers. We count it a privilege to be designed with the ability to bring life into the world.   

Motherhood is a journey of learning, love and of course, life! It's time we took a different approach to the conversation and stand as a beacon of hope to women who are uncertain about carrying and giving birth to their babies. Wearing our chic M.O.M apparel is a first step in sharing your style and joy of boldly being exactly who you were created to be ... amazing! 


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Take a powerful step in standing up for the most innocent life by supporting our #myovariesmatter campaign communicating this message of hope through hashtagging #myovariesmatter on social media, watching our informative videos (down below 👇), sharing our Living Large blog post and purchasing our M.O.M and Family Apparel.

It is our goal to empower you along your journey of motherhood with tools and information that will both educate and encourage you along the way. No matter what you are facing, be encouraged that there is hope and help for you. Please take time to review the information we have gathered below. We will add more resources often.

*AM PERS8NIFY is not neccessarily affiliated with the organizations compiled on this page. Under the Fair Use Act we have compiled a list of resources and materials from various sources for the sole purpose of educating our viewers and supporters.

Maafa 21- Powerful Documentary exposing the roots of Black Genocide through the abortion industry.

LifeCare.net- Serving families with abortion awareness and biblical approach to families.

liveaction.com- Organization which goes undercover to expose the sinister practices of the abortion industry.

The Silent Scream- Eye Opening Documentary showing an abortion at 14 weeks.

Issues4life.org- Serving black families with biblical approach to understanding the value of life.

Rebeccaprojectjustice.org- Advocating for black women in Africa and America. 


*If you are pregnant or know someone pregnant who is thinking about having an abortion, please message us. We want to connect you with resources to help you on your journey.