The Carters

She was only sixteen years old, already the mother of a two year old daughter by a  twenty-one year old man serving time in prison. With no where else to go, my husband and I took them in to escape the coming storm. Sharee and her daughter were kind but it was clear they were troubled. This young M.O.M was unprepared for life and the responsibility it took to raise her daughter in a healthy way.

We tried our best to help but our own inexperience as new parents stopped us from having a greater affect in her life. Sharee was a product of the hip-hop generation and so were we.

We grew up listening to every R & B/Hip Hop song there was. From SWV, Jodeci, & Tupac to Biggie, Puffy (Diddy) & Mace. Jay-Z and Destiny's Child were the new dynasty to a new era of hip-hop heads. But my husband and I had recently watched a powerful expose called: The Truth Behind Hip Hop, and we knew what Sharee, her daughter and baby-daddy experienced were the after effects of the curse of the culture.

Eventually Sharee left but her impact has been felt by us to this day. So many young teen M.O.Ms are like Sharee, growing up eating the culture like Big Mama's Mac & Cheese. But the heartburn that follows is something too great for antacids to cure. 

This culture through banging beats, glamorized divas & payola pimps with swift lyrics have cast a spell on its inter-generational fans. It used to be that more seasoned parents would frown upon the new music of the day but now parents sing/rap right along with their children. Their voices hum together melodic curses of pride, poverty, oppression, promiscuity, and dysfunction while cigarettes, weed and liquor light the room over a deck of cards.

They're going ape-s**t over artists who walk in proud defiance of God's standards and mock His Son Yeshua (Jesus) and the cross He bore for their sins.

Just look at Jay-Z's lyrics for New York State of Mind:

...Hail Mary to the city, you're a virgin 
And Jesus can't save you, life starts when the church ends...

Now I have met Jay twice (before I knew the Lord) and he presented himself respectfully. He is a very intelligent man so my argument is not with him personally but with what he represents. What bothers me is his influence on the Black community with messages that tear us down. I find whether you're in or out of the church, our new M.O.Ms and D.A.Ds are spellbound. 

It's Time to Esc-ape

In reality, the artists are puppets of a higher order bent on destroying families ... especially black families. Much like the overseer on the plantation, these artists represent those who report to the Master about the field negroes. Their job was/is to keep them happy about their bondage and stamp out any attempt of the slaves collectively working toward freedom. Whether it's Jay-Z, Beyonce, Kanye (and we all know his view on slavery) or the like, we are looking at modern day overseers who's main job is to lull our families into a spellbound sleep of mental, emotional, and spiritual slavery.

How Did They Do It?

Old Slave Chains

Old Chains

New Slave Chains

New chains

 They simply traded whips and chains for whips and chains. Our ancestors felt the blow of the old whip, but the new whip (fast cars/life) are paraded before cash-broke people who become envious. This leads to fighting, drug-pushing, unwanted pregnancies, std's, and killing so they can have the good life, too. The chains used to physically lock a slave in place but now they do it spiritually. The desire to have the material wealth of Lil Wayne & dem has our people chained in the mind and willing to do anything (including sell their souls) for temporary gain.

It's time to expose and esc-ape the dung of the new slave plantation so we can rescue our families from this life of bondage. We need to recognize that not every black face that possesses money, possesses success. These pied-pipers are just possessed.

Lil Wayne Possessed

It's high time we decide to cast off the chains that have left our tribes in bondage. We need to rebuild our family structures under the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, Yeshua the Christ. We surely are reaping the curses of Deuteronomy 28:10-68 but God's desire is that He who the Son sets free is free indeed (John 8:36). Our M.O.Ms and D.A.Ds more than ever before need to have truth to break the power of the spell which has been cast over them. It's time for us to take a collective departure and Esc-ape s**t.


What do you think about the impact of the culture on the Black Community? Let us know in the comment section below. We need to get the word out and rescue our M.O.Ms, D.A.Ds, and families so take an active stance and share this post on your Social Media pages.

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