Black Genocide

Black Genocide

Many people are unaware of the dangerous effects of the Eugenics Movement which has been covertly orchestrated to exterminate the lives of black men and women in America.

These facts were outlined in the powerful documentary Maafa 21 by Black Pro-Lifers who pulled the covers back on the sinister plot of the elite to eradicate the Negro population. Their most powerful weapon: Birth Control and Abortion.

At four times the rate of our white counter-parts, since Roe vs. Wade, legalizing abortion, black babies have been slaughtered at the hands of abortion- driven doctors. One of the most well known providers is Planned Parenthood, an abortion mill founded by Margaret Sanger, a strong supporter of the Eugenic (Population Control) movement.

Bent on a quest to exterminate the 'undesirables' Ms. Sanger worked secretly to institute a supposed "family planning" center that would have as its main target, black pregnant women. The Pro-Abortion movement has little bases in 'choice' and much more in 'convenience.'

They often promote themselves as a pro-women movement yet deny the original design of a woman to bear life. Our signature M.O.M My Ovaries Matter tee promotes motherhood by design.

Having an abortion is one of the toughest decisions a woman can make, we understand that regardless of how you got pregnant, having a baby can be frightening. But the life of your unborn child is beautiful, precious and innocent. We are here to value your design and steer you to resources that are there to serve you and your unborn child.

Let's #endblackgenocide today. Let's stand together as mothers who will support and encourage one another through the hard times knowing that the same God that is able to forgive is the same One able to be Our Very Present Help in time of need. With much love to you my sister, vibe with your tribe.

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