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These eyes of mine have seen a lot Have toiled & ached, wrestled and fought These eyes of mine have known of love And sacrifice offered like turtle doves Those eyes of yours are meant to see Every possibility  So see the truth beyond the lies See the Heavens o'er yonder rise -Known   There is little more frustrating to the modern woman than a person who believes we are not equal to men. In the workplace and at home, women everywhere want our due recognition for our efforts and validation for our many contributions. If I could place a monetary value on my role as a stay at home[maker]/educator, I could surely contend with Oprah Winfrey. #paymetoo  Since, the...

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Make you Over

  My son's birthday was today so we decided to play a game of musical chairs. My older daughter was pretty excited and my toddler was fine, too, until ... the music stopped and she was out of the game. She threw her chin in the air and refused to play again on the next go round. The birthday boy also lost but in good sport reluctantly tried his hand again. Afterward, they both folded their arms and complained, "it's not fair!" We live in a society that is so bent on coddling our 'feelings', it's hard for people to face the uncomfortable truth about others but even more so, about ourselves. We like to imagine that our every attitude,...

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Betta Budget

    Recently while doing a radio interview, the Host was teasing me about how much I was able to manage being a mother of 8. It was pretty funny because I can look back when I had only one child thinking, "I cannot." But eleven years later (and God's fine sense of humor) my husband and I have added seven more to our growing tribe. A few years back my hubby and I got real excited about money management. We realized, like a million people told us, children are expensive. Being homeschool parents, we needed to know how to handle our financial house. We learned about the importance of having a consistent budget. Where before we looked at budgets...

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